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At the U of M we're
building better engineers
and scientists who are not
just technical experts, but true innovation leaders. Why?


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"Only three things happen naturally in organizations:
friction, confusion and underperformance.
Everything else requires leadership."
- Peter Drucker

Technical expertise is absolutely necessary, but not sufficient to excel as a technical professional in today's dynamic, globally connected and competitive world. Employers are looking for engineers and scientists who can add real value, right away, by collaborating effectively in cross-functional teams, leading key product and process improvement initiatives, adapting quickly to continuous changes, and developing customer solutions that generate profitable growth. This is innovation leadership. This is what distinguishes the best from the rest.

The Gemini Project is designed to help you "jump start" your career as an innovation leader by broadening your mind set, expanding your tool set, and developing the "soft skills" and business acumen you will need to create your own "ripple effect" of success.

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