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MOT 4001: Leadership, Professionalism, and Business Basics for Engineers

MOT 4001 is designed to provide scientists and engineers with a working knowledge of the broader business context within which technical ideas are translated into solutions that address customer needs and deliver economic value to a firm. The course will broaden students' business knowledge and personal leadership abilities, enabling technical professionals to increase their business impact and career success.

This two-credit course will build practical knowledge and skill in personal leadership and professionalism, effective communication, business fundamentals, and the process of innovation (i.e., transforming technical ideas into value creating solutions). The course content and the experiential learning approach are designed to reflect the "real world" requirements and challenges technical professionals need to master in order to thrive in collaborative, project team environments.

What Students Are Saying About MOT 4001:

"I interviewed for an internship with GE this summer, and there were a couple of questions I nailed because of what I learned in this course. The engineers interviewing me seemed very impressed. And I got the job!" JT, EE major

"Having taken this course over a year ago now, I have seen much application to the business fundamentals learned in that class. It has been able to transform my business life as well as my ability to relate to business people even though I come from a strong engineering background. This past summer I had the opportunity to run my own business. The skills and knowledge I learned in your management class were invaluable to me during that time." LS, ME major

"I have been in college for 7 years now, working on a second degree, with over 200 credits under my belt, and your class certainly is one of the most useful and practical that I have taken." JK, ME major

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MOT 4001 Semester Overview

MOT 4001 Semester Overview

MOT 4001 Team Project Deliverables

MOT 4001 Project Team Deliverables