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Golden Gopher Workshop Database - Central location for students to find the various workshops and information sessions held on campus.

Professional Skills Portfolio Program - Another great resource to enhance your non-technical skills. They also provide a place to collect your classwork to share with future employers.

Career Center for Science and Engineering - Comprehensive career services to students in CSE and CBS.

CSE Mentor Program - Get matched with an industry professional and get prepared for the transition from college life to the workplace.

Find a Peer Mentor - Connect with upper-classmen through the CSE Ambassador's Peer Mentor Program. Contact for more info.

Student Groups and Leadership Opportunities - Getting involved with one or more of CSE's 40+ active student groups will give you practical experience and can develop your leadership skills.

LeaderShape - Get energized and build leadership skills through this life-changing, six-day workshop in January. For more information, email Susan Kubitschek at

Do Research - Conduct research as an undergraduate with some of the world's most innovative experts. Receive a stipend while gaining hands-on experience.

Engage! Do What Matters - Connect your interests and talents with opportunities to get engaged on campus and in the community.

Student Business Cards - Don't have a company business card to give out at networking events? No problem! Order U of MN student business cards from Printing Services:

Sample business card

Contact Anne M. McNamara at or 612-625-6318 for more information.

Learn Abroad - Global seminars, semesters abroad, and May terms all provide you with an opportunity to gain an international perspective. Earn credit while visiting your dream destination! Contact Adam Pagel at for more information.

Volunteer and Outreach Programs - Get involved with the community and inspire future engineers and scientists by volunteering with CSE Outreach Programs for K - 12. Contact Dorothy Cheng at if you would like to get involved!

Research Commercialization Introductory Course - Online course designed to help science and engineering researchers better understand how research commercialization works. Areas covered in the course include intellectual property, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks, licensing agreements, employment agreements, consulting agreements, tech transfer, creating and funding companies, and federally funded Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) programs. Each lecture is a live 90-minute online class with Q&A.

Startup tips from a serial entrepreneur

Carlson School of Management Minor in Management

College of Design Minor in Design

NOBE -- National Organization of Business and Engineering



Kauffman Founders School - an online educational resource dedicated to entrepreneurship

Tools and Blogs for Entrepreneurs - from Steve Blank's website

Entrepreneurship: The Lean LaunchPad - How to Build a Startup: Learn the key tools and steps to build a successful startup (or at least reduce the risk of failure). An introduction to the basics of Steve Blank's famous Customer Development process, where entrepreneurs "get out of the building" to gather massive amounts of customer and marketplace feedback, and then use that feedback to continuously iterate and evolve their startup business models, improving the chances of success at every step.

Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Corner - 2000 free videos and podcasts, featuring entrepreneurship and innovation thought leaders. 

Leadership Skills & Tools

Technology Entrepreneurship - online course through Stanford University

Workshops in Entrepreneurship

Invention to Venture:  Video Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Young Entrepreneur:  Where Young Entrepreneurs Meet and Start Up

Raise the Bar for Engineering:  The keys to success for future engineers